Are you an agent of Serendipity?

Are you an agent of Serendipity?

How we can leverage the principle of serendipity in business

In the real estate business and in this economy, it’s not that uncommon to hear people lament about how tough our industry is and often, we fall into the trap believing this sentiment.

We’re commission earners, we work on risk.

Our bread and butter comes from deals that close, not from the effort or time that we put into deals that don’t close. 

But, who are we kidding, very few can bill every call, meeting or minute of their time.

Enter, Serendipity –  

“the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”

How can we use this in our workday? Let’s breakdown that definition…

“The occurrence,” – putting out a line to a client and asking right questions;

“And development” – problem-solving solutions for deals;

“By chance” – funny thing with chance is the more times you try, the greater your ‘chance’ of success;

“In a happy or beneficial way” – managing your energy during a deal.

Serendipity may be otherworldly, but ultimately it’s our forces of thought, energy and action, that control it. 

If you’re tired of the naysayers and are ready for your success, enlist Harold as your agent of serendipity today!

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