Real Life MBA Lite

Real Life MBA Lite

My top takeaways from 4 powerful speakers

I had the privilege of attending the inaugural Suits and Sneakers Real Life MBA Lite last week: a new concept in informal learning that promises to leave the education system begging for mercy.

(If you haven’t been to a Suits & Sneakers event, you should. They’re an example of how resilient South Africans are taking our future seriously and disrupting the status quo.) 

My top four takeaways:

Ran Neu-Ner: Celebrate your failures. Success is evil. 

I take it personally. Failure, that is. It knocks me down and shakes me to the core. It’s been a lifetime intolerance. In others yes, but mostly in myself. It makes me… ‘hard’ (I’ve been told).

I find this idea of celebrating failure, revolutionary. It’s true. What do you learn from success? If we keep our failures in perspective and learn to learn with grace, failures become the powerful building blocks of our success.

Tiffany Markman: Cut the bullshit in your writing. People are busy, so stop wasting their time.

As a fellow no-bullshit kind of gal, Tiffany’s work makes my heart happy. We’re busy, people! Nobody cares about you. They care about them. Write to their agenda, and let’s all get on with it.

John Sanei: Are you asking the right questions?

The biggest threat in business today is lacking the balls to change. The goal post has shifted, and in case you hadn’t noticed, innovation is no longer the requisite to thrive. It is to survive.

Asking the right question becomes the catalyst for purposeful innovation, and is 90% of the solution.

Brad Shorkend: Turn people on.

Today, we all have instant information. Stop trying to prove to everyone how clever you are and stop talking about yourself. Open your mind and learn to tap into other people’s intelligence. Turn people on.

Ask, don’t tell. Be vulnerable. Experiment. Breathe. Trust. Have courage.

These people make me want to be a better business-person. How incredibly exciting is this new world?

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